We express ourselves by the product getting with our hands.

Welcome to the Garden of Luis Sanjosé. A beautiful project managed by Luis Sanjosé and Pilar Chaquí and located in Tudela de Duero, doorway to Ribera del Duero in Valladolid

In this region you will find a unique land of long tradition in top-quality fruit and vegetable cultivation. With the confluence of the valleys, the landscape is opened to show where rivers Duero and Pisuerga meet each other, our original garden is sited.

The extreme weather of Castilla, the Duero and a work without chemical agents stamp such authentic character to our asparagus.

Asparagus revolution

We admit it, we have an obsession: obtain the best possible product in the most natural way. We understand our raw material almost with a pinpoint accuracy, achieving genuine aromas and textures.

Our products of organic farming

  • We are constantly evolving in R&D&I and this is translated into enjoy a matchless asparagus.
  • Our passion for nature and tradition bring us to cultivate and work in organic farming. This is a tribute to this land and our ancestors, those who have taught us to respect and take care of such land.
  • The product you are going to enjoy is an organic asparagus Without any kind of chemical content. Asparagus of outstanding quality and a very careful and delicate production.

An authentic delight.