“The best asparagus I’ve tasted”, Ferrán Adriá

The best chef in the world fell in love with our product due to its qualities. Thus, we were the official asparagus supplier during the last 8 years of El Bulli restaurant, one of the most emblematic gastronomical establishments worldwide.

A touching bond that we preserve today by delivering our products to the members of former team in different top-class establishments.

Luis Sanjosé – The grower

A good land and a fine instinct is perhaps the secret of our asparagus.

Behind this adventure is Luis San José. An enthusiast of knowledge, the use of wild and medicinal plants, as well as the nature in general since he can remember, and with a deep connection between harvester and producer.

Joining the passion for nature with the agriculture of his land, he has succeeded to endow the authentic asparagus of Tudela de Duero with the recognition which deserves. The golden age.
Huerta Luis Sanjosé is the real flagship and pioneering of Tudela-asparagus growing, giving the status belong to them: in a leading position of national and international culinary scene.
His land “beats” at an exciting rhythm and this lead him to look for new cultivation areas where continue discovering new asparagus varieties.

The triumph of knowledge.